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Robert Wiles

Author, Doctor, Science-lover

Books for those who thirst for wisdom

Robert Wiles writes books that explore issues that face all humans: purpose, life and meaning. As he explores and examines these mysteries, Robert boldly asks more questions and delves deeply into the mechanics of our universe.
His books are written for people who want to understand when evidence is trustworthy and how they can make informed decisions.

The Mind in the Matrix

An information tsunami is drenching the planet with knowledge, revealing greater complexity in life and the Universe than we ever imagined. Information is on our screens, across the internet, in our DNA, travelling through the air waves and everywhere in the world around us. But we have only recently started to understand its vital significance.

The Mind in the Matrix shows that an intelligent mind is required to both create meaningful information and to interpret it.

The Information Paradox

We live in the Information Age. Every day we use information and data and yet very little has been written about information itself. The Information Paradox uses science and philosophy to explore life and the Cosmos and to build an Information Model of the Universe.

This book is a journey of discovery, exploring 10 paradoxes of information and it’s relevance to our everyday lives. An ideal textbook for students of science, biology, chemistry or physics.


Dr Robert Wiles is a senior lecturer in the Rural Clinical School at the Australian National University in Canberra and is the rural academic co-ordinator for the Snowy Mountains region.

After studying medicine and graduating from the University of Sydney, he spent five years in the United Kingdom pursuing post-graduate studies in obstetrics, anaesthetics, orthopaedics and general practice before returning to Australia.

Robert has been a doctor in Cooma for over twenty-five years, most of which he has also been involved with undergraduate and post-graduate teaching in rural medicine.

Robert has been married to his wife Dawn for thirty years. They have four adult children and have been involved with Christian schooling for over twenty years.

He has a passion for teaching and learning in Medicine which has extended to exploring and understanding the information that defines our Universe.

Robert wrote his first book from a deep desire to educate his own children and teenagers/young adults like them, so they could learn to decipher information, understand when it’s real evidence and how they can make an informed decision. His books are written for those who thirst for answers and are exploring the meaning of life.

Robert’s previous book, The Information Paradox, was published in 2014. His second book, The Mind in the Matrix, was published in 2019.

Book Launch

13 February, Cooma Library

Dr Robert Wiles will be launching his second book, The Mind in the Matrix, and you’re invited to join the celebrations from 11am. Books will be on sale at the event and all books bought at the event can be signed by the author.

Public Lecture

13 February, Cooma Library

Robert will be presenting a lecture at Cooma Library, 61 Vale St, Cooma at 7pm. Books will be on sale at the event and all books bought at the event can be signed by the author.

Radio Interview

20 February

Dr Robert Wiles will be interviewed on radio about his newly released book, The Mind in the Matrix.