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The Information Paradox


About the Book

We live in an information age

Every day we use information and data and yet very little has been written about it.

The Information Paradox uses science and philosophy to explore life and the Cosmos and to build an Information Model of the Universe.When the proteins in the first organism appeared, they therefore could not have transferred the information that specified them the other way along the information pathway to create a DNA information store. This means that information had to be front-loaded into the system. We can designate the process by which this occurred: The Biological Information Generator.

After examining the information that’s present in life, the mind and the Cosmos, an Information Model of the Universe emerges that gives new understanding to entities that have previously been poorly understood, like: thought, memory, consciousness, self-consciousness and sleep.  The Information Model even offers solutions to the apparent contradictions found in the Dual Theory of Light, Relativity Theory and Quantum Mechanics and even Schrödinger’s cat!

This book is a journey of discovery, exploring 10 paradoxes of information and it’s relevance to our everyday lives. An ideal textbook for students of science, physics, biology or quantum mechanics.